End of A Sun by Almira Lewis

The musty scent of history surrounds the dimness of her soul
The darkness creeps up and the redness of this rose causes quick withering
Torment fuels the cognitive scope that was created
A sense of Pan Feminism grows deep, the kind that betrays equality but seeks overbearing opportunities
Let the hurt seep through
Let the concrete weigh the soul
Wind howls dismissing hope built only for the Sundays

The fluctuation of faith
Eager willingness to go backwards
Being misunderstood
After all, I am the sudden cause for issues because I am woman
I am bitter and sidetracked
I am the scorching sun
The vulture who will eat the hyena who is also me
Indifferent to feelings but engulfed in emotions
A kind of political emotion that that will cause World War III to X

I seek no pity
And regret not asking for it
Walls project upwards and I just simply abandon the idea
The story is finished
My chapters have been cut short
I will cease to exist because I cannot bear Adam’s cross
Engulfed by the stinging sorrows
My sun has gone done!

All copyrights reserved!!

I am 17 years old and love writing poetry.I hope to develop stories from there and seek your honest feedback.


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