Ericka by Almira Lewis

On August 27th,2015 disaster struck the Commonwealth of Dominica.Her name was Ericka!I lost family members and close friends.This is my homage to them and to Ericka for the lessons taught and learnt! Copyrights reserved!

Rains of Noah showered nature,
The repetition of forty days and forty nights,
Forty more sorrows lingered with a yearn for the other side,
Forty more moments lost to the unknowing wind

She turned as though to lash back,
At the danger only she saw, in the sweet island,
A place of uncontainable beauty,
Popping up with excitement,
Awaiting the world’s eyes

It was this sudden burst of power,
That she feared,
A hidden memory of a creator,
But creation magnifying itself

Her revenge was swift,
Moving with seconds,
Dancing on the atmosphere,
Showing hearts the realization that everything feels personal,
When nothing was personal,
Her indirect ability to cause fear,
The indirect wisdom to manipulate an intricate plan of our meticulous destruction

We were in fact seen by the world’s eyes,
But for the opposite of our intent,
Her boom boom and tongue, stuck out at our faces,
As lessons were laced in her venom,
Ericka! The disaster of a new generation!


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