Black oppression! By Almira Lewis

We are to pretend that black and white,
Is zing and zang,
That the highest level of judicial meditation has been achieved,
And our dark, suppressed souls are set free
Our blinds eyes,
Are being told to diminish faster,
So our brain starts to go slow

The lies we’ve been fed,
To appreciate the contributions of white paper,
Forgetting the foundation laid out by the black ink,
Because it crosses the margin

Our sons are thugs and idiots,
Having a certain self-righteousness,
Added to on Sundays,
By our Christianity,
A certain voodoo we indulge in by the scream in our cries,
And the psalms we recite,
The creator you say was invented,
An invention you once used to cripple this resistant mentality,

Placing us in prisons for crimes we have not understood how to commit,
For our nature is unwilling to Satan’s plans,
But he lurks in your shadows,
Never dressing as a sheep,
But preferring the exposure of daylight,
With all your pride,
After all, some of our own people have not recognized a war truly in disguise,
Our women,
Are now beautiful for a mocha skin,caramel tasting girl,
With hips spanning Earth’s orbits,
Moving with the melody,
Playing in the stride of her legs,
As she straightens the kinks to become acceptable,
A sort of political propaganda,
That dismisses the oppositions made by us,
The rather unworthy,undeserving of an opinion,opponents,

She decides to wear contacts,
Instead of her eyes,
Capable of cutting through a man’s genetic, built- in manipulations,
It’s easier to wash away the beauty that flows her skin,
With the chemicals made by her oppressor

They have pushed the issues under the rug,
Sweeping away the cockroaches,
Who have built truth,
From the lies

I will no longer be silenced,
I will no longer be lied to,
I will bear witness,
And will stand

The Blues of my people’s souls will be sung,
And if it begins with me,
I shall sing it!



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