Good vs.Bad by Almira Lewis

I see the darkness in the dark,
Light in the eyes of the fugitive,
Dark in the eyes of the pure,
The space between evil and good,
Is but a thin line,
Made thick with bandages, ready to burst open,
We see the smile,
And visualize the perfection in another man’s life,
Yet the doll house,
Crawls with contamination

The pure indulge silently,
In the skeleton’s dance,
But cloth with for another fitting cause,
They attack the mounds with sticks and stone,
Only to lash at their reflection

They have bent and twisted their wide smiles,
Being temptation to the possible on-lookers,
With thinks he’s evil,
Fooled by a matrix,
When all pure purity,
Is in the concentration in his eyes

His eyes black with fury,
But calmed with love,
The injustice of the ostracized,
A building pressure to replace what’s his,
A never-ending sequel of bones,
Falling out of the closet

Yet his deeds,
Are searching for the acceptance speech of a lifetime,
For the recollection of a child burdened,
With the griefs,
Only he knows,
With a certain privilege,
To carry on,
Knowing the beauty of the struggle

A struggle for the love,
He gives so freely,
A struggle of the struggle,
Found within the struggle,
Leaving only a light beam

So, after all,
There is light in the fugitive
And dark in the pure



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