Hair! by Almira Lewis (Copyright!)

White, thick, creamy,
It’s like voodoo,
But they think I’m oblivious,
Quite rude for not uttering my gratitude,
To the creator,
For removing the words kinky and nappy,
From society’s view

A certain forest reserve for the imagination of what my ancestor’s beauty,
With all this afro-nappy looked like,
A reservoir of appreciation to Mother Nature,
For taking her time to create the Keratin protein structure,
Chemically, correctly proportioned so that the kinks of the cis double bonds made sense,

But how could I,
Blinded at the time,
By the imagery of a magazine nation,
Infiltrating my mind with lies of a better hair day,
An uplifting from the plastic surgery of going straight,

My combs did not break anymore,
But the consistency was a bore,
Where was the ancestry,
Where was the innovation,
In the creations of my braids,
They laid unable to appreciate, the complexity of a style made for hair types of real galore
I did not see that,
That is what I regretted the most

But hairance to me, was a disgrace,
I felt cursed to be blessed with a hair so lusciously thick,
I could put chocolate out of the market,
My raw dark infusion with traces of grow,
Showed that my people’s wisdom,
Were already genetically engraved,
In the tones of my pitch,
The glow in my eyes,
The ideas that jump from mouth to paper
However ll I saw was a nappy head

I regret being captured by this foolish ideals,
By being drained for a quick fix,
To replace the outward while the inward crumpled,
For disassociating myself with the hair politics,
While I was a pioneer, unknowingly

But I will overcome and conquer,
The transition may be slow,
But I shall never despise the gift,
Of my forefathers
And yes,
To them I solemn swear to be nappy, kinky, and always care!


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