Feminist by Almira Lewis

This skin,
Thick with whip soars and insect-bitten stories,
Of everything needed to be done to bore mankind,
A mankind that will turn around and disrespect the ground, you tread on
So you walk lightly,
Seen and not heard,
Your laughter remains in your eyes,
Because it is not just the diversity of your skin that is to be corrected,
But your physical features call for a… less- than- attitude,

The philosophy should be,
If we stand, we stand on the same playing field,
I don’t take lead,
You don’t take supremacy,
We stand as worthy opponents yet companions,
When they tell me come in at nine,
You should be the right hand tagging along,
Forgetting all social imprints of what your being is supposed to be,

If we commit the same crime, then call the foul on us both,
And lock us up,
The game is rather ethical
The referee only sees team against team,
Not my femininity versus your masculine ability to flex at eager will

Together means your decisions and mine must reach a common ground,
For the sake of humanity,
For often wisdom is sensible, when both sides can just shake hands,
Don’t pull out the submissive card on me,
I was never going to disrespect your authority,
That throne you claim so easily,
But respect mines, knowing that my judgement may be more capable of working,
Than your heated, need to show off a quick, type of decision making,
Let’s work with a common goal and reach a beautiful compromise that works for each

When the fruits are ripe,
Let us both be virtuous in our own rights,
Don’t make me the mouse, all-cleaning, made to fit in prototype,
While you slander the name,
Of every inch of the creators project,
A project worth more than 100%

Talking about that 100,
Keep it one hundred and if we both did the work,
Let us both receive the same,
We talk justice,
But lies is the continuous name of the game

Let not pity, or ostracizing or belittling be once called amongst us,
But raise the children differently,
To never see physical features,
But team mates,
Ready and willing to be as equal counter parts to the other



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