Drugged Anatomy by Almira Lewis copyright!

Love me, love me oh
Don’t ever leave, don’t dare leave me (sings)

I am the symphony,
The octaves,
Ringing higher than the clouds,
The bystander understanding all that crosses my path,
I will shield thee,
Make my love pronounced upon you,
Sell you for a quick upgrade,
Never again will you be down,
Never again will you be found by what shows light,

A free ticket to the underworld,
Fill the flesh with all delights
And when you bounce back from this Alice story,
Call on the king,better yet the queen of kings,
I will save you,
Get you lost in the mentality of cruelty,
Of perversion,
And if they dare try to close your opened eyes,
My white disguise will strike back

Dare forsake me
And your insides will be the outsides of a vulture’s final climax,
The world will get smaller,your breath stretches only to loosen grip
And my loving arms will be open to receive from you
I am your greek mythology,
I am the missing side,
You am I ,
And I am you,
Don’t be lied to

Let me grip your veins,
Sooth your brain,
Bite at the exposed flesh,
Removing the hurting breaths,
Give you dreams of devils and forsaken spirits,
Let me love you the right way,
My way
Let me hurt you as soothingly
As the beautiful eclipse removing eyesight,
Let me blind you
I am the shiznayee,
Let me feed you,
I am bizzness,
Let me guide you,
Give me your spirit,
Let me torch it and lick the bruises,
And after this euphoria has ended,
Come back for me,
Baby you know your stranded, in your drugged anatomy


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