My love by Almira Lewis copyright!

The love I deserve,
The love I need ,
Is at the bottom of the ocean
Floating towards borders you can’t reach
Flying towards the sky and breaking atmospheric pressures,
You can’t comprehend

My love is as sweet as the honey comb,
As bitter as the sting of a knife pierced too deep as the blood shows more red than your heart,
It’s as high as Mount Everest,
As low as the depths that Satan cannot touch,
Lesser than but acknowledged by the creator

The love I want,
Is inside a hungry lion,
Apart of Daniel’s prayers,
As threatening as Isis,
As calm as the sunset,
With colours of confusion making outrage

My love is as fire, burning up without remorse,
With the healing touch of time,
My love is far from dignity,
But full of pride,
My love is a gun bullet,
Shooting all,
Refusing to save
While causing growth

This love is unknown, mischievous yet so pure!


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