Your soul by Almira Lewis *Copyright!*

Dress in sheep’s clothing,
The mark of the beast,
You’re being tormented,
And only they can see,
Feeling the drowning compulsion,
A corpse’s disease,
What are you going to do now,
When only you see,

Chorus:Your soul (*3)
Save your soul
And forget the worldly pleasures,
On your own (*3)
That day of internally external judgement,
Your own your own,
Ad can’t use your clipped wings

Your mind is set on riches,
The kings and the queens,
But Aladdin’s not always so lucky,
What will you give to gain?
The whispers say reveal your story,
Forgot how you were raised,
But mama, can’t always be comfort,
Cause son you’ll be deceased

A veil is the safest hell trap,
If I can’t see,
Then I can lie to myself,
I won’t believe,
I can’t believe,
Let him in,
Let the light,
Help you win!

Save your soul from the judgement!