We are woman by Almira Lewis

The movement of the wind,
The ripple of the waves,
The unknowing sand,
The rhythm of the rainfall,
The whistle of the trees,
The worship of the animals,
We are woman

Woman is the combination of all that brings life,
She is the movement of the wind in the sway of her hips,
The ripple of the waves,
In the shiny, drenched hair after washing,
The unknowing sand who will pursue her passion,
Regardless of,
The rhythm of the rainfall in the beating of her chest,
The whistle of the trees as she keeps every secret and pain handed down to her,
The worship of the animals,
Praising God’s creation for her remarkable beauty

The illumination of the sun,
The uniqueness of the stars,
Brotherly love of best friends,
Curling of the toes,
Fear in the child’s eyes,
We are woman

Woman is the combination of all that brings life,
Her smile is the illumination of a thousand suns,
Warming the wounded soul,
Her sensuality and personality are the uniqueness,
That awaken the royalty or star in every on-looker,
Her smooth poetry binds brotherly love with stronger chains,
The curling of the toes are the shyness that is so evident,
But can be such a colorful addition,
The fear in a child’s eyes,
Is every insecurity she allows to lay low,
Just to please

We are woman,
And in every wrong and right,
We are womanly strong,
Womanly brave,
Womanly bright,
And co-exist in every part of mother nature’s delight!



His eyes were watching them by Almira Lewis

His eyes were watching them,
But their eyes were watching them…selves,
His hands were pointing to the right,
They began right with a swift U-turn to the left

His feet walked selflessly,
Their feet walked until their needs were met,
His word speak as the still day with all the peace needed,
Their ears preferred eargasms of the noise

He will never leave,
But they left,
He will never despise,
But their hearts are impenetrable,
With glass shoes they kick down,
Only too be cut themselves

He loves…
They wonder how so unconditional,
But unconditional comes with a condition,
The condition of simply being his creation,
A criteria met by all

So his eyes were walking them,
They realized those eyes were pure,
And now their eyes watch him!


Ericka by Almira Lewis

On August 27th,2015 disaster struck the Commonwealth of Dominica.Her name was Ericka!I lost family members and close friends.This is my homage to them and to Ericka for the lessons taught and learnt! Copyrights reserved!

Rains of Noah showered nature,
The repetition of forty days and forty nights,
Forty more sorrows lingered with a yearn for the other side,
Forty more moments lost to the unknowing wind

She turned as though to lash back,
At the danger only she saw, in the sweet island,
A place of uncontainable beauty,
Popping up with excitement,
Awaiting the world’s eyes

It was this sudden burst of power,
That she feared,
A hidden memory of a creator,
But creation magnifying itself

Her revenge was swift,
Moving with seconds,
Dancing on the atmosphere,
Showing hearts the realization that everything feels personal,
When nothing was personal,
Her indirect ability to cause fear,
The indirect wisdom to manipulate an intricate plan of our meticulous destruction

We were in fact seen by the world’s eyes,
But for the opposite of our intent,
Her boom boom and tongue, stuck out at our faces,
As lessons were laced in her venom,
Ericka! The disaster of a new generation!

Her soul soars by Almira Lewis

Rising of the swollen sun on the distant horizon,
Orange infused with tones of pink waiting to share flashes of yellows and blues,
Blues that share a heart’s song,
About to burst with wisdom

Winds blow with the flow of time,
Along with secrets spilling over for all to see,
Trees grow with the strength of ancestry,
Flowers sway; the buzzing of bees adding variation to an already colorful world

Faces: black as slavery, white as disgrace, yellow as overbearing power,
Caramel chocolate, distressed silence, amused inscriptions, unwavering persistence,
The awakening of a new born infant
Sends a mothers dancing,
Departing of loved ones at an airport,
As the longing need is plastered between the spaces of actions,
The dawning of humanity,
Arising to work in a concrete or dirt road jungle,
To play, as if efforts were not needed,
The swollen sun rises and so her spirit soars!

Copyright reserved!

Lonely by Almira Lewis

Loudness of company,
Causes silence to abide,
Ringing of the ears,
Causes calmness of an itching mouth,
The lonely sinking in a little deeper,
With each knife’s thrust

An overwhelming power,
The spirit’s call,
A howling in the distance,
I am the force between conscious and unconsciousness
The lonely sinking in a little deeper,
With each knife’s thrust

My soul aches with the world’s burdens,
But I’m a burden to myself
Save yourselves,
For I have rejected the absence of humanity, securing my furtherance into the shadows
The lonely sinking in a little deeper,
With each knife’s thrust


All copyrights reserved!



End of A Sun by Almira Lewis

The musty scent of history surrounds the dimness of her soul
The darkness creeps up and the redness of this rose causes quick withering
Torment fuels the cognitive scope that was created
A sense of Pan Feminism grows deep, the kind that betrays equality but seeks overbearing opportunities
Let the hurt seep through
Let the concrete weigh the soul
Wind howls dismissing hope built only for the Sundays

The fluctuation of faith
Eager willingness to go backwards
Being misunderstood
After all, I am the sudden cause for issues because I am woman
I am bitter and sidetracked
I am the scorching sun
The vulture who will eat the hyena who is also me
Indifferent to feelings but engulfed in emotions
A kind of political emotion that that will cause World War III to X

I seek no pity
And regret not asking for it
Walls project upwards and I just simply abandon the idea
The story is finished
My chapters have been cut short
I will cease to exist because I cannot bear Adam’s cross
Engulfed by the stinging sorrows
My sun has gone done!

All copyrights reserved!!

I am 17 years old and love writing poetry.I hope to develop stories from there and seek your honest feedback.